Surah Yasin is probably the most frequently read chapter of the Quran, in whole world. Numerous benefits are associated with its reading, especially in the mornings or whenever there is any difficult situation; or if someone is critically ill; or just for barakah.

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Surah Yasin Review in English

Rarely does anyone pause to think that Surah Yasin like the rest of the Quran has a message in it for our guidance. Nobody bothers to find out what that message is. Mostly we prefer to treat this magnificent reminder like some magic words which will relieve us of our miseries.Whereas the truth is that if we read this Surah, just once but with proper understanding and apply its wisdom in our lives, it can truly relieve us of our misery of uncertainty and save us from the agony of going round and round in a senseless pursuit of worldly interests. Not only this but it can also help us throw away the burden of accumulated negligence regarding the hereafter,making us feel bright and optimistic about attaining the rewards of paradise.

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